Depending on the depth, pressure, time and regional geology, Chalcedony may grow in Botryoidal form. This happens when the environment has abundant tiny particles that enter the silica gel. The Chalcedony then use these particles as nucleation spots and grow radially around the particles at the same speed, forming spheres. These spheres grow into one another as they get larger and can be seen as small intergrown spheres or bubbly masses. Botryoidal Chalcedony can be white, gray, blue, purple, pink or brown. Chalcedony Roses are pinkish white to lavender varieties from Brazil.

– Associated with the heart chakra, zodiac sign of Taurus & vibrates to the numbers 3 & 66.

– Vibrates with a gentle nurturing energy. Useful for those experiencing heartache and depression.
– Allows one to learn new things openly and with willingness to accept differing views.
– Promotes good feelings while being around others and in groups.
– Helps the introverted come out of their shells.
– A stone of brotherhood and cooperation.
– Physically beneficial to one’s sense of balance, the health of the ears and the eyes.