A hydrated copper phyllosilicate mineral, named for the Greek words for gold and glue, an allusion to the first material to solder gold. It has a color of Cyan & is a minor ore of copper, along with malachite, azurite, cuprite, limonite & quartz. It is typically found as glassy botryoidal or rounded masses, bubbly crusts, or vein fillings. There are no crystals of chrysocolla, they are pseudomorphs.

– Associated with the higher heart and throat chakras, zodiac signs of Taurus, Gemini & Virgo & vibrates to the number 5.

– Eases extreme emotions & aids those who are highly emotionally reactive. Helps with panic attacks.
– Helps stop the flight response, calms, soothes.
– Promotes communication from the heart, with clarity & to one’s highest truths.
– Beneficial for those who suffer from people pleasing & codependent behaviors. Helps one to feel secure alone, secluded &/or single.
– Physically helps to lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels.

Hardness: 2-4 Mohs
Specific Gravity: 2.00-2.40
Refractive Index: 1.460-1.570