(Chihuahua, Mexico)

Hailing from the state of Chihuahua, the Mexican Crazy Lace Agate has been one of the most popular cabochon materials since 1950. It comes in a variety of colors with patterns of sagenite sprays, bull’s eyes, paisleys & waves with parallax. It has the most intricate & complex patterning of the agate family, which may show that it formed the slowest over the longest time. It has many white bands running through it, making white its dominant color, but also shows red, orange, gold, yellow, peach, pink & gray to lavender colors as well. It is found within limestone formations & is difficult to find in large forms & to extract without fracturing.

Associated with the solar plexus & 3rd eye chakra, zodiac sign of Gemini & Aries & vibrates to the number 8.

– A stone of fun, liveliness, variety, novelty, exuberance, joy, expression & partying.
– Promotes marital fidelity, loyalty, trustworthiness and integrity.
– Enhances feelings of positivity, it encourages one to go for it, aiding in feeling supported and loved.
– Sometimes called, “The Laughter Stone”, Great gift for loved ones or as a housewarming present.
– Stimulates mental agility, thought processes and balances emotional energies to achieve clarity.
– Physically aids in pregnancy, helps avoid varicose veins, and is beneficial to all hollow organs, such as uterus, stomach and intestines.