A calcium boron hydroxide nesosilicate mineral that crystallizes in prismatic crystals and nodular masses. It can also be found in a botryoidal form that is called Botryolite. Datolite may be pinkish brown, brown, yellow, light green, light blue or colorless. Datolite is found alongside or with prehnite, calcite, quartz, copper, danburite & epidote. Datolite is found all over the world with notable localities in Michigan, Mexico, Germany, Canada & Russia.

– Associated with the heart, 3rd eye & crown chakras, zodiac sign of Aries & vibrates to the number 5.

– Facilitates the bonding between loved ones.
– Allows one to remember details with more clarity.
– Helps those in transitions, starting new, starting over, starting again.
– Promotes the understanding of one’s innate power, allowing for increased manifestation and opportunity.
– Harmonizes the soul, connecting to the higher self and releasing light and love into being.
– Activates the higher chakras to boost one’s intuition and understanding of new concepts.
– Increases one’s standing in the community and level of respect.
– Beneficial for those with diabetes or hypoglycemia.