New to the market, not a lot is known about Flame Jasper. From our research we believe it is a type of Riband Jasper from Navajo County, Arizona. Flame Jasper comes in red, orange, brown, tan, white, gray, black & muted green colors and is usually banded.

– Associated with the lower 3 chakras, zodiac sign of Gemini & Sagittarius & vibrates to the number 7.

– A grounding stone, to help block negative energy and EMF radiation, and to help one return to the body and stop living in the mind alone.
– Promotes passion, sexuality and desire.
– Vibrates with fiery energy to keep one motivated and excited about projects and tasks.
– Extremely nurturing in times of stress and change. Connected to mother earth, this stone will help in times of distress, emanating calm protection.
– Physically helpful for sexual organs, prolonging sexual pleasure, and aids sexual disorders and diseases.