A calcium rich member of the plagioclase solid solution series of feldspar minerals with a composition between Anorthite & Labradorite. It usually has 70% to 90% Anorthite, which is rare on earth, but abundant on the moon. Golden Labradorite forms triclinic crystals commonly exhibiting twinning and fine striations. It was first described in 1836 and named for nearby Bytowne, now Ottawa, Canada.

– Associated with the solar plexus & 3rd eye chakras, zodiac signs of Leo & Scorpio & vibrates to the numbers 7 (bytownite) & 9 (golden labradorite).

– GIves the user strength & courage to take on challenges.
– Opens one up to stepping into their true self.
– Confidence in choices, strong sense of self & boundaries.
– Gives one the ability to see others and situations clearly.
– Physically beneficial for the stomach and digestive system.