– Associated with all chakras but focuses on the heart, zodiac sign of Pisces & vibrates to the number 8.

– Vibrates with a powerful nurturing energy that opens the heart chakra, and connects to mother earth energy.
– Powerful for healing traumas, PTSD and balancing the emotional body.
– Helpful for breaking bad habits and overcoming addictions.
– Helps one adjust to changes and transitions with ease and grace.
– Beneficial for understanding one’s emotions and becoming more in tune with them.
– A stone for those who are experiencing grief or are in mourning.
– Enhances feelings of empathy and compassion.
– A talisman of luck & abundance.
– Physically beneficial to the circulatory system and heart.

Hardness: 4-7 Mohs
Specific Gravity: 3.53-3.70
Refractive Index: 1.710-1.734