– One of the best stones for awakening and charging the upper chakras of the body and fully connecting conscious awareness to the higher dimensions.
– Very elevating, but smooth and soft.
– Opens mind to visions of true spiritual nature of existence.
– Quickens one’s evolution, effects are contagious. Once the vibration is assimilated, one is a living beacon of those energies, so that others receive the vibrational patterns, whether or not the stone is nearby.
– Activates parts of the brain unused by humans otherwise.
– Used for headaches and other brain-oriented afflictions, including brain injury due to stroke, or accident.
– Facilitates relearning skills / information & rewiring the brain.
– One of the 12 Synergy Stones.

Hardness: 5-5.5 Mohs
Specific Gravity: 2.95-3.02
Refractive Index: 1.587-1.627