A calcium carbonate mineral with the formula CaCO₃. Calcite is a common rock forming mineral and the main component of Marble and Limestone. It has one of the most extensive uses of any mineral, including building material, abrasives, soil treatment, concrete, pigment, calcium supplements for livestock, antacids, pharmaceuticals and more. The formation of Limestone deep within the earth traps and holds carbon dioxide for long periods of time, trapping heat within the earth’s crust. Much of the earth’s limestone is formed from the ground down bodies of marine animals and corals, whose shells are made from both calcite aragonite, a polymorph of calcite. All Aragonite will turn into calcite at temperatures over 300℃. The name Calcite comes from the latin for “chalk”. There are over 800 different growth forms of calcite. Icelandic Spar was an important stone for the study of light refraction and polarization. It helped in the understanding of light as a wave. It may have been used by the Vikings to find the sun (to navigate at sea) when it was cloudy or under the horizon. It can be found outside of Iceland in Mexico and the Southern United States.

Associated with the alignment of all chakras, zodiac signs of Cancer and Aquarius and vibrates to the number 3

– Brings clarity, insight, power, intention amplification, manifestation and offers intention programming.
– Aligns all the chakras with its prismatic light abilities. Great stone for meditation.
– Clears unwanted or unuseful attachments and entities.
– Promotes visions of spiritual rather than physical reality, & speeds up growth & development of self.
– Unlocks psychic intuition.
– Physically aids in eye health and vision.