Iolite is named for the Greek word for violet. It is a magnesium iron aluminum cyclosilicate mineral found in Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar & India. Gemstone quality Iolite displays pleochroism, an optical phenomenon in which a substance has different colors when observed at different angles, especially with polarized light. This phenomena lends to the idea that Iolite may have been the Viking “Sunstone” of legend. Cordierite is the mineralogical name for Iolite, when it is not in gemstone form.

– Associated with the 3rd eye & Crown chakras, zodiac signs of Taurus, Libra & Sagittarius & vibrates to the number 7.

– A stone of visions & connecting with higher powers.
– Promotes free expression of the true self without fear of judgement from others.
– Clears negative thought forms from the mind, allowing growth and releasing fear.
– In relationships, it clears resentment, bitterness and stagnation.
– Useful for those who suffer from codependency, by aiding in taking responsibility for oneself and speaking the truth.
– Physically useful for weight loss, detoxifying, and healing from addictions.