Though not an officially classified mineral, Mariposite is a chromium rich phengite mica, which is a muscovite with a high silica content. Chromium gives the stone it’s distinct green color that contrasts with the white dolomitic marble in which it is found. It is always found in massive form, never in individuated crystals. Named for Mariposa, California, it can also be found in the Sierra Nevadas and the North Cascades, Canada and Europe.

– Associated with the heart and 3rd eye chakras, zodiac sign of Libra & vibrates to the number 8.

– Helps one make decisions confidently and quickly.
– Aids in becoming more flexible in one’s personality, allowing one to open up to new possibilities and paths.
– Promotes calm, balance and reduces stress.
– Helps one cope with energy overload and reduce feelings of exhaustion.
– Encourages creative self expression.
– Physically beneficial to the muscle tissue, relieving stress built up in them and relaxing the body.