A variety of Jasper that contains both Hematite and Stromatolite. Stromatolites are cyanobacteria from the Precambrian age. This fossil algae adds red, green and white swirls to the Jasper. This stone is over 1.88 billion years old. Mary Ellen Stromatolite is mined in St. Louis County, Minnesota at the Mary Ellen Iron Mine. It was first discovered in 1900.

– Associated with the root chakra, zodiac signs of Virgo & Scorpio & vibrates to the numbers 2 & 11.

– Teaches patience and resilience.
– Deeply connects with the earth and the natural world and promotes conservation and protection of the environment.
– Aids in mental agility and the ability to think over problems large and small.
– Enhances organizational skills.
– Boosts feelings of security, safety and stability.
– Reminds one to take care of themselves in the most basic of ways; food, shelter, water.
– Beneficial for treating bacterial infections and for genetic diseases.