The most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust & a tectosilicate mineral that forms in intrusive igneous rock from liquid magma. Its name means “right fracture” due to its right angle of good cleavage, first described in 1801. A common constituent of granites, sedimentary rocks, gneiss & schist (its abundant). Orthoclase also forms huge crystals and masses in Pegmatites. Orthoclase is in the crystal family called the alkali feldspars. These minerals share a crystal structure but differ in their chemical composition. Depending on how they are cooled within the Earth and what minerals are present, they morph into one another (polymorph). Orthoclase exists between Sanidine & Microcline, and the other crystals in the family are Albite & Anorthoclase. Because Orthoclase is rich in Potassium, Element K, it is known as K-Spar or Potassium Feldspar. It is too soft to be used as a faceted gemstone, as it will scratch rather easily. Moonstone, which is an alternating mix of Orthoclase and Albite Feldspars, is the most famous of the Feldspar gemstones, due to it’s optical property of adularescence. Most pure crystalline Orthoclase Feldspar however, is used as collectors specimens. It is colorless to pale yellow, pale pink to greenish white. The largest single Orthoclase crystal ever found weighs over 100 tons and is located in the Ural mountains in Russia.

– Associated with aligning all chakras, zodiac sign of Cancer & vibrates to the numbers 8 & 44 (orthoclase) and 2 (kspar).

– Useful tool for chakra balancing, and meridian activation.
– Vibrates with hope and positivity. Good for new beginnings, new ventures, moving and starting over.
– Promotes emotional balance, relieves depression and anxiety, helps with mental disorders.
– Opens the mind to new ways of thinking in order to find novel ways of solving old problems.
– Helps groups of people get along, which makes it a wonderful constituent of granite counters and tables where groups of people tend to meet.
– Physically aids one in remaining youthful, even as one ages. Helps one age gracefully, mentally strong and joyous.

Chemical Formula: K(AlSi3O8)
Shape: well formed crystals and masses
Crystal System: monoclinic
Color: colorless to pale yellow, pale pink to greenish white
Streak: white
Luster: vitreus, sub-vitreus, resinous
Diaphaneity: transparent to translucent
Hardness: 6 Moh’s
Tenacity: brittle
Cleavage: perfect right angle
Fracture: uneven, irregular, conchoidal
Specific Gravity: 2.55-2.63 g/cm³
Refractive Index: biaxial (-)