Referred to as a jasper, Picasso Jasper or Stone is actually a marble, which is a metamorphosed limestone & a calcium magnesium carbonate mineral. The stone varies from dark grey to light grey, white, tan, red and brown with dark lines criss-crossing or swirling around the stone. These lines are caused by iron oxide inclusions. Named after the famous painter Pablo Picasso.

Associated with the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras, zodiac sign of Libra & vibrates to the numbers 2 & 11.

– Facilitates the renewal of lost friendships and connections.
– A stone of creativity and artistic expression.
– Helpful guide during breakups or arguments.
– Helps break through blocks to unlock your creative potential.
– Physically grounding and loving, Picasso Jasper can aid with pregnancy & childbirth, as well as with PMS, and may help to balance emotions and hormones.