A relatively rare hydrous sulfate whose name comes from the Greek words for “bitter part”, due to the taste of this mineral. It can be found in active volcanic areas and in kainite zones of marine salt deposits. Picromerite dehydrates in very dry air and eventually will polymorph into Leonite if allowed to dehydrate completely. When lab grown the color can be tinted with other minerals, but naturally it is colorless, yellowish, whitish, reddish or grayish.

– Associated chakra depends on color, zodiac sign of Aquarius & vibrates to the number 5.

– Helps ground daydreamers and those who feel a disconnection to their bodies or earth.
– Aids in manifesting one’s will.
– Helps one let go of baggage and release karmic debt.
– Restores depleted life-force energy.

Chemical Formula: K2Mg(SO4)2 · 6H2O
Shape: Short prismatic crystals, crusts on salts, massive
Crystal System: monoclinic, prismatic
Color: Colorless, white, reddish, yellowish, grayish
Streak: white
Luster: vitreus
Diaphaneity: transparent
Hardness: 2.5 Moh’s
Cleavage: perfect
Specific Gravity: 2.02 g/cm³
Optical Properties: Biaxial ( )