Prasiolite is a very rare light green quartz. Small amounts have been found in Canada, Poland, Namibia & the UK. The Poland type is found in geodes and is a darker, translucent golden olive green. The Canadian type is a pale glassy green, terminated quartz variety, with subtle amethyst hints at the tips and hematite inclusions that appear as flecks at the tips of the crystals. However, most prasiolite found for sale is actually heat treated Brazilian Amethyst. Most Amethyst will turn yellow/orange when heat treated and is sold as Citrine or Ametrine, but some will turn light green. This is why Prasiolite is sometimes called Green Amethyst. True Prasiolite is expensive, rare & mostly used for faceted gemstones. The heat treated amethyst variety is just as beautiful, doesn’t contain any dyes, and is much more affordable.

– Associated the heart chakra, zodiac signs of Capricorn & Scorpio & vibrates to the number 7.

– Stone of self love and acceptance.
– Brings prosperity, abundance, luck & wealth.
– Promotes choosing love and compassion for all people.
– Helps ground to “mother earth” while experiencing divine love and unity consciousness.
– Aids in transformation into the highest version of self.
– Physically aids the health of the heart and endocrine glands.

Chemical Formula: SiO₂
Shape: prismatic crystals, masses
Crystal System: trigonal with hexagonal unit cell structure.
Color: light green
Streak: colorless, harder than streak plate
Luster: vitreus
Diaphaneity: transparent
Hardness: 7 Moh’s
Tenacity: brittle
Cleavage: none
Fracture: conchoidal
Specific Gravity: 2.6-2.7 g/cm³