Rainbow Obsidian has inclusions of Magnetite & Hedenbergite, a rare endmember of the pyroxene group, high in iron. Found in Oregon, California & Mexico, this beautiful rainbow striped volcanic glass is sought after for its beauty & relative rarity in the obsidian world. Lucky for us on the West Coast, we have the opportunity to go out and mine for it ourselves, and it’s abundant in our area of the world, but not so for others. Formed from Felsic Lava Flow, this stone is amorphic, without geometric structure, and has conchoidal fracture, meaning it has no given pattern in how it brakes. This is one of the most beautiful stones to see, a true rainbow in the dark. One of mother nature’s most potent energy healing tools, & a real gift to us in this lifetime.

– Associated with all chakras and zodiac signs & vibrates to the number 2.

– Brings love, light, pleasure & enjoyment to one’s life.
– Enhances clairvoyance & intuition.
– Protects against negative energies, entities & psychic attacks. Absorbs negativity and dispels it for you.
– Reverses stints of bad luck & helps set you on your true path in this life.
– Removes jealousy, anger, greed, resentment.
– Physically helps move stuck energy through the chakras and out through the root chakra, back into mother earth. This powerful process allows for alignment of the chakras, auric field and toroidal energy bodies so that your whole self and astral self can heal and thrive as one.

Shape: amorphous
Chemical Formula: SiO₂
Crystal System: none
Habit: massive
Color: dark green to black with various colored layers visible when viewed in light.
Streak: white
Luster: vitreous
Transparency: transparent
Hardness: 5-5.5 Mohs
Cleavage: none
Fracture: conchoidal
Specific Gravity: 2.6-2.65 g/cm³
Refractive Index: 1.450-1.550
Optical Properties: Isotropic