A green Zoisite with inclusions of black Pargasite and red Ruby. First found in Kenya & Tanzania, it was named after the Maasai word for green; Anyoli. It is a popular stone for carving and jewelry, due to its bright contrasting colors of dark green, black and purple-red. A similar stone called Ruby in Fuchsite is sometimes mistaken for Ruby in Zoisite. However, Fuchsite is much lighter in color and much softer than the dark green Zoisite. Many materials can scratch Fuschite, so they can easily be differentiated. Other zoisite crystals include Tanzanite, Clinozoisite & Thulite.

Associated with the root, heart & 3rd eye chakras, zodiac signs of Aries & Aquarius & vibrates to the number 3.

– Enhance psychic awareness, & connection to spiritual realms.
– Clears blockages of heart, fills voids with positive, loving energy & promotes vitality.
– Aids in maintaining individuality while connecting to humanity as a whole.
– Transmutes negative energy to positive. One of the few stones that can do that.
– Deepens meditative states & sleep.
– Physically helps recovery from chronic/extended illness.

Chemical Formula: Al₂O₃ Ca2Al3(SiO4)(Si2O7)O(OH)
Shape: massive
Crystal System: orthorhombic
Color: green zoisite with red ruby inclusions and black pargasite splotches throughout.
Streak: white or colorless
Luster: pearly to vitreous
Diaphaneity: opaque
Hardness: 6-7 Mohs (ruby is 9)
Cleavage: Perfect {010} imperfect {100}
Fracture: conchoidal, uneven
Specific Gravity: 3.15-3.36 g/cm³ Refractive Index:1.69 – 1.7