Closely compact variety of Sphalerite, occurring in concentric layers and reniform surfaces, often with Galena and Marcasite interstratified.

Associated with the Root, Sacral, & Solar Plexus chakras & the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces. Vibrates to the number 5.

– Bestows courage and idealism, and helps to alleviate exhaustion and lack of self-confidence.
– “Stone of peace” brings communication & understanding between people who would not normally communicate.
– Protective against negativity, and grounds one to the stabilizing energies of the Earth.
– Holds aspects of solar energy & solar chakra.
– Invites dramatic changes & lessons to our lives.
– Increases spontaneity, concentration, & communication.
– Helps in sleep disorders by balancing inner turmoil.
– When Galena or Marcasite are present, is thought to induce health and rebirth, fresh ideas/strategies, and assists one in connecting with the “after” worlds.
– Used in treatment of AIDS and to reduce deficiency of the immune system.
– Sacred stone in Celtic traditions.