Found in 2016 in Kenya by 2 brothers who were looking for their camels, who had wandered off. With the help of family & and engine hoist, they moved almost 2800 kgs of the large, dense stones to their homes, & put them up for sale. The stones are still being found today, weighing between 1 & 500 kg each, in a strewn field 45 km long. Metal is dominated by swathing kamacite (Iron-nickel meteorite texture) around the olivine, with pockets of dark-etching plessite (kamacite taenite, with taenite being an Iron-nickel texture found both on earth and on meteorites). Or in other words, natural & extraterrestrial steel, studded with caramel olivine gems from space.

Associated with the heart and 3rd eye chakras, all zodiac signs & vibrates to the number 2.

– A grounding influence to those whose heads are always in the clouds.
– Expands awareness of the oneness with the universe.
– An aid for those who are very sensitive to the energies of others.
– Assists with manifesting prosperity and abundance in one’s material life and releasing scarcity issues.
– Calms the fear of flying & assists with “flying” to the astral plane.
– Helps with agoraphobia, the fear of leaving the home, which is often caused by severe trauma, by healing the core wounds to the inner child