(South Eastern Russia, 02/12/1947)

This was a witnessed fall, at around 10:30 am, with 23 tons of meteorite surviving entry into the atmosphere. It left a 20 mile trail behind it in the sky that lasted for several hours and is theorized to have been caused by vaporized iron. The meteorite broke into pieces as it fell, with a massive explosion called an air burst, with all pieces falling together along the same path. It is estimated that the meteorite weighed 220,000 pounds before it entered the atmosphere, with 51,000 pounds landing on Earth. The strewn field is about half a mile in diameter filled with craters. The largest crater is 85ft across and 20ft deep. Some pieces of of the Sikhote-Alin Meteorite embedded themselves into trees. It is an IIAB Iron meteorite with an octahedrite structure. 2 forms are found; thumb printed or regmaglypted specimens that retain the shape of the air burst material, and shrapnel or fragmented specimens that were broken apart upon impact with the frozen ground.

Associated with the solar plexus & 3rd eye chakras, all zodiac signs & the number 1.

– Assists in spiritual evolution & enhances psychic abilities.
– Wonderful stone for astrologers to improve accuracy in readings.
– Helps connect to other planets & higher consciousness beings.
– Aids in calming homesickness, gives added stamina & energy, & regulates the circulatory system.