A man-made stone from Japan. This metallic silver stone is made from silica and has a terahertz vibration frequency which lies between that of microwaves and for infrared light on the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s frequency is between 0.1 to 30THz. These frequencies are abundant in the universe and correspond to frequencies in our bodies and are sometimes referred to as the “Radiation of Life.” This new material has been studied in Japan for 10 years and shows promise for use in the metaphysical healing community.

Associated with the 8th chakra located 2 feet above one’s head, called the Star chakra, and vibrates to the number 4.

– Improves energy flow, making it useful for meditation and breath practice.
– Connects your “self” or your “personality self” to your higher, spiritual self. Allowing access to an expanded consciousness, increasing awareness and compassion, & releasing karmic residue.
– Increases intuition, truth and happiness on one’s spiritual journey.
– This stone has many physical healing benefits, including improving circulation and blood flow.
– Helps the body eliminate waste, detox and relieve swelling.
– Helps blood flow to the hands when worn as a bracelet, keeping one warmer in the cold.
– The Terahertz frequency works on the cellular level to increase immunity, strengthen DNA and cells, improving physical appearance.
– Fights free radicals.
– Aids in improving the look and feel of the skin, hair and nails.