Clear to milky quartz with Black Tourmaline inclusions. These inclusions are solid black, needle-like inclusions and can be sparse or dense, entirely inside the quartz, or protruding from & encompassing the quartz. They can be dense enough to make the quartz appear almost entirely black. They differ from Rutile in that the needles tend to be thicker and blunt on the ends.

Associated with aligning chakras from root to crown, all zodiac signs & vibrates to the number 4.

– Purifies energy, wards off negativity, & amplifies energy focused through it.
– Converts negative energy/thoughts into positive ones; Grounding, protects from external invasion, deflects detrimental environmental influences.
– Eliminates destructive patterns, releases tension, and balances yin/yang energies.
– Helps integrate and heal the shadow self, alleviating self-sabotaging behaviors.

Chemical Formula: SiO₂ (Ca,K,Na,_)(Al,Fe,Li,Mg,Mn)₃(Al,Cr,Fe,V)₆(BO₃)₃(Si,Al,B)₆O₁₈(OH,F)₄
Shape: terminated crystals, clusters, masses
Crystal System: trigonal with hexagonal unit cell structure.
Color: colorless, white, black
Streak: colorless
Luster: vitreous to dull
Diaphaneity: transparent, translucent, opaque
Hardness: 7 Mohs
Tenacity: brittle
Cleavage: none
Fracture: conchoidal
Specific Gravity: 2.6-2.7 g/cm³
Refractive Index:1.544-1.553