– Aides finding wholeness, truth, communication, and manifestation of those qualities.
– Stimulates & harmonizes throat chakra, providing effortless articulation of deepest wisdom.
– Empowers those who are shy.
– Beneficial to overall well-being and soundness of mood and emotions.
– Provides serenity, peace, relieves stress, restores depleted vitality & lifts sagging spirits.
– Teaches kindness & generosity.
– Releases the need for “justice,” instead teaching one to see w/ compassion & forgiveness, which ultimately receives those gifts through one’s own heart.
– Reminds us that wholeness can only come when we are willing to embrace the totality of who we are.
– Stone for self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, & release of useless regrets.

Hardness: 5 – 6 Mohs
Specific Gravity: 2.31-2.84
Refractive Index:1.610-1.650