A hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral. Opaque with a waxy luster. It is relatively rare & sometimes confused with turquoise, however variscite is greener. The green being attributed to small amounts of trivalent chromium. Named in 1837 for Vogtland, Germany, also known as Variscia. The variety from Nevada typically contains black spider webbing & is often mistaken for green turquoise.

Associated with the heart chakra, the zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini, and vibrates to the number 7.

– Activates the heart chakra, removing blocks, aiding in the ability to love fully & accept love.
-Known as a stone of wealth and prosperity, this is a stone of success.
– Brings a sense of calm knowingness, & trust in the universe and your path.
– Enhances self reliance & raises one’s moral standards, allowing one to remove people & things that drain energy & vitality.
– A good stone to relieve anxiety & bring joy to the wearer.
– A stone of healing, variscite aids in post surgical healing. Also good for minor injuries, sprains and bruises, allowing one to heal faster.