Vivianite is an iron phosphate mineral named for it’s discoverer, John Henry Vivian in 1817, Cornwall, UK. Exposing this mineral to sunlight can shift the blue/green translucence to an opaque black which is irreversible. It’s best to keep these beauties away from the sunlight.

Associated with the heart chakra, the zodiac signs of Cancer & Capricorn, and resonates to the number 3.

– Promotes a sense of calmness and patience.
– Useful for those who are in the process of spiritual awakening, bringing inspiration, understanding, and resolution to past traumas.
– Cleanses and clarifies one’s intuition.
– Creates space for those who are on a healing journey to have patience in the process.
– Removes blockages, opens, and aligns the heart chakra.
– Is said to be strengthening to the eyes and bones.