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Top 5 Back to School Crystals

Top 5 Back to School Crystals

With a new school semester right around the corner, the time has come for students of all ages to brace themselves for another gauntlet of studying, testing, and slogging through just… so much homework. It’s a natural reaction to feel prematurely exhausted just thinking about it all, but fear not weary students! We’ve got a quick and easy-to-digest Top 5 list of crystals that are perfect for facing your studies head-on with confidence, focus, and positivity. Read on to learn more and happy studying!

Polychrome Jasper

This fascinating Jasper variety serves as a great stress reducer, making it a wonderful companion when faced with tests and deadlines. The motivation and determination this stone can inspire help with seeing assignments through to completion. In addition, those who live with ADHD or similar conditions can benefit from Polychrome Jasper’s enhanced organizational skills!

Closeup of Bloodstone tumbled crystal


A highly protective crystal, Bloodstone serves students who struggle with the social aspects of school by warding against threats and bullying. It likewise lends the courage necessary to stand up for oneself in unjust situations. Bloodstone also stimulates energy levels which can increase mental clarity and bring in fresh creative energy for projects.

Pink and Purple Apatite with Riebeckite specimens

Pink & Purple Apatite with Riebeckite

Although these crystals are rarer to come by, they possess some fantastic properties for learning! Pink & Purple Apatite with Riebeckite enhances problem-solving skills and is especially useful for those studying math and statistics. It grants energy to those who have trouble finding motivation and supports creating a healthy balance between school and other parts of one’s life, helping to avoid burnout and overextension.


A widely available and common stone, Sodalite is nonetheless one of the best when it comes to studying, focus, and memory retention! It’s beneficial for both writing and speaking and also helps with identifying your own strengths and weaknesses. The concentration Sodalite brings can aid immensely in seeing lengthy projects through to the end.


Pyrite greatly serves those students who find their studies plagued by bad habits, obsessions, and distractions. It wards against negativity as well to help create a harmonious learning environment in which one can reach for their full potential! Like some of the other crystals listed here, Pyrite also enhances memory, focus, determination, and willpower.

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