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Cholla Amethyst


Prepare to be stunned by the unique beauty of Cholla Amethyst! This gem, which is a special variety of Veracruz Amethyst, comes from Mexico and takes its name from the Cholla cactus on account of its distinct spiky growth pattern.
Displaying a gorgeous pale purple, this Amethyst variation vibrates to a higher frequency than more common varieties, making it an amazing choice for awakening latent talents such as extrasensory perception. This brilliant stone also induces a rapid beta state during meditation, facilitates connection to spirit guides, supports the journey towards sobriety, and relieves stress. In terms of physical healing, Cholla Amethyst can serve to awaken dormant DNA, ease headaches and insomnia, and support the detox process so you can let your best self shine through.
For those seeking personal transformation and spiritual awakening while also adding a uniquely stunning crystal to their collection, Cholla Amethyst makes for an inspired choice!


Veracruz, Mexico
– Associated with the 3rd eye & crown chakra, the zodiac sign of Aquarius & Pisces, vibrates to the number 6.
– Higher energetic frequency than regular Amethyst.
– When placed on the third eye chakra, it activates the pineal gland and dormant DNA, improving health and awakening gifts, talents, and extra-sensory perceptions.
– Produces immediate “beta” state during meditation.
– Helps connect to angels or spirit guides, allowing one to receive messages to help them on this life’s journey.
– A crystal of spiritual awakening and personal transformation.
– Good for stress relief, detox, addiction, asthma, headaches, insomnia & blood sugar balance.
– The stone of sobriety.
Learn more about the geological and metaphysical properties of Cholla de Veracruz Amethyst here.

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Crown, Third Eye

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June 2023


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