Azurite raw crystal specimen from Sonora, Mexico
Azurite raw crystal specimen from Sonora, Mexico


pronunciation – Azurite – “a-zhr-ite”

A powerful karmic healer, Azurite facilitates deep communication and the release of intense emotions. This deep blue gemstone often occurs together with Malachite resulting in a powerful combination of metaphysical properties. These crystals are also known as K2 Jasper when fused with Granite. Want to know more? Read on to learn more about Azurite!


Azurite empowers the throat chakra in order to clear the way for truthful communication with oneself and others. This energetic clearing creates the space needed to address karmic patterns and emotional traumas from both past and present lives.

Azurite’s intense healing properties also include helping the user to release built-up stress, worry, grief, and sadness.

Azurite can additionally serve to guide the development of psychic and intuitive abilities. By raising the level of your consciousness, this gemstone grants greater control over how your spiritual growth unfolds. Azurite oversees safe out-of-body travel and makes it easier to enter meditative or channeling states.

This crystal even serves to encourage professionalism for those in research fields such as professors, librarians, and counselors. It can sharpen mental acuity when learning and focus energy toward goals and desires.


Azurite supports recovery from issues with the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen, thyroid, skin, and bones, including teeth. This stone also aids spinal alignment and the restoration of damaged brain tissue. Paired with cancer treatments, it even assists in healing abnormal cell growth.

Psychologically speaking, Azurite serves as a wonderful companion for those who suffer from phobias and extreme fear. This gemstone aids these conditions by bringing clear insight into the root cause and diminishing the need to cope using distractions.

Due to its association with the throat chakra, Azurite also brings ease to throat issues. It lends healing energy to the third eye and crown chakras as well which may soothe symptoms of headaches and migraines.


HEALING PROPERTIESPsychic Abilities, Confidence, Meditation, Manifestation, Inner Vision
CHAKRASCrown, Third Eye, Throat
ZODIAC SIGNSSagittarius, Aquarius
NUMBERS1, 3, 7, 10
TAROTThe Magician, The Empress, The Chariot, The Wheel of Fortune
DEITIESIsis, Fuji, Athena, Aditi, Tane, Nut, Inanna, Neptune, Poseidon
PAIRINGSMalachite, Chrysocolla, Hemimorphite, Phenacite, Danburite, Shattuckite


Differing accounts exist as to how Azurite got its name. Some attribute it to the Persian word Iazhward or the Arabic word azul, both of which mean blue. Others describe the name as originating from French geologist F. S. Beaudant in 1824; however, this mineral had been discovered long before his time which casts some doubt on this account.

Azurite’s deep blue color, which could be used as a base for pigment, made it desirable to many ancient cultures including the Egyptians and Mesopotamians.  This crystal has enjoyed many other applications since ancient times, such as smelting it into copper, carvings, and jewelry, and applying it in the treatment of mental disorders.

In terms of lore, the ancient Egyptians associated Azurite with mental discipline, fortitude, and the study of the arts. Legends state that the Atlantians, meanwhile, employed this crystal for a variety of purposes from physical healing to astral travel.


Azurite can be used to enhance public speaking or to improve mental clarity. Use in conjunction with meditation or sleep to more easily access psychic abilities, astral travel, lucid dreaming, and deeper self-awareness.

On the Body: Wear as jewelry or keep in a pocket or pouch for increased tactile memory and sensation. This can be helpful when in need of confidence about where your day is taking you or how effective you are in your interactions.

Inside: Keep in a reading space or by the bedside to increase your capacity for gaining deeper knowledge.

Outside: As a softer mineral, Azurite should not be left outside in the elements.


Physical Cleaning: Clean Azurite with canned air to remove dust and debris.

Energetic Cleansing: There are numerous ways to energetically cleanse Azurite.

  • Set on or next to Selenite or Satin Spar, or set in lavender.
  • Use smoke from herb bundles or incense.
  • Charge under the full moonlight.


“Never attempt to prepare an essence from this stone since it gives off sulfur when mixed with water.” (Bourgault 55) 
“Poisonous (copper).” (Jentoft) 
“Contains copper.” (Hibiscus)
“Do not clean nodules in water.” (Lilly 188) 
“Toxic or harmful stone.  Contains copper.” (Harton)
“Do not use…for internal use.  Contains copper.” (Sullivan)
“Contains copper, toxic.” (Healing Crystals)

For more information and citations regarding toxic, poisonous, and otherwise dangerous crystals, visit our Toxic Crystals page!


Azurite contains copper which renders it unsafe for use in gem elixirs made with the direct method. Only use the indirect method for creating a gem elixir with this stone.


Common Names: Azurite, K2 Jasper (another name for Azurite in Granite)
Trade Names:
Stone of Heaven (the Chinese name for Azurite), Chessylite (French Mine)
Trademarked Names:


Azurite is a copper carbonate mineral that forms in masses, stalactites, botryoidal, and short prismatic crystals. It often forms in the oxidation zones of copper deposits alongside Malachite and Chrysocolla, and these minerals will sometimes be found intergrown. Azurite also rarely occurs together with Granite to form K2 Jasper.

This mineral also forms in the cavities between rocks. It’s typically massive or nodular in form and rarely grows in stalactic or botryoidal formations. While not an abundant mineral, Azurite can still be found in many locations around the world.

HABITPrismatic – Crystals Shaped like Slender Prisms.
Stalactitic – Shaped like pendant columns as stalactites or stalagmites.
Tabular – Form dimensions are thin in one direction.
COLORAzure blue, Blue, Light blue, Dark blue.
STREAKLight blue
LUSTERVitreous (Glassy)
DIAPHANEITY Transparent to subtranslucent
HARDNESS3.5-4 Mohs
CLEAVAGE{011} Perfect, {100} Fair
FRACTUREBrittle – Conchoidal
OPTICAL PROPERTIESBiaxial (+), a=1.73, b=1.758, g=1.838


Azurite in Malachite raw crystal
Azurite in Malachite raw crystal

Azurite in Malachite

In addition to holding the properties of both its constituents, Azurite in Malachite also serves as a strong energetic conductor. This gemstone combination strengthens visualization especially as it is applied to the spiritual realm.

K2 Azurite in Granite tumbled crystal
K2 Azurite in Granite tumbled crystal

K2 Jasper

K2, which is a combination of Azurite and Granite, goes by several names including K2 Jasper, K2 Granite, and Raindrop Azurite. Named for the second-highest mountain in the world from which this gemstone is sourced, K2 opens the crown and third eye chakras. This opens the user up to process and contextualize vast amounts of higher knowledge.


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