An unusually dense rock, Eclogite can be striking in appearance, with red to pink garnet in a green matrix of sodium-rich pyroxene. Accessory minerals include kyanite, rutile, quartz, lawsonite, coesite, amphibole, phengite, paragonite, zoisite, dolomite, corundum, and, rarely, diamond. Eclogites are formed under extreme pressure. They help with the study of plate tectonics because they are only found within the mantle and lowermost part of the thickened crust. Some Eclogite is unstable when brought to the surface may change into amphibolite or granulite. Therefore Eclogite on the surface is rare and important to the study of the earth.

– Associated with the 4 lower chakras, zodiac sign of scorpio & vibrates to the number 4.

– Balances yin/yang, masculine/feminine, and personal partner energies.
– Stabilizing & protective. Knowledge that one has the support of the universe at all times.
– Personal will links to heart space, highlighting desires and encouraging action to make them a reality. Eclogite helps make this process easier and faster over time, opening many doors and opportunities.
– Clears heart & solar plexus chakras, helping to eliminate negative emotions of fear, guilt, anger, and blame, with gentle loving energy.
– Supports spiritual growth, helping to bring conscious awareness to attachments which no longer serve you.
– Allows one to feel safe and supported, becoming emotionally stable, and helps release feelings of insecurity/fear.
– Harmonizes adrenals and eases effects of stress.
– Stimulates white blood cell production, and assists the immune system.
– Helps correct sexual dysfunction, low libido, and conditions of respiratory & digestive systems.
– Easis childbirth and mood swings from PMS