A calcium carbonate mineral with the formula CaCO₃. It is a common rock forming mineral and the main component of Marble and Limestone. It has one of the most extensive uses of any mineral, including building material, abrasives, soil treatment, concrete, pigment, calcium supplements for livestock, antacids, pharmaceuticals and more. The formation of Limestone deep within the earth traps and holds carbon dioxide for long periods of time, trapping heat within the earth’s crust. Much of the earth’s limestone is formed from the ground down bodies of marine animals and corals, whose shells are made from both calcite aragonite, a polymorph of calcite. All Aragonite will turn into calcite at temperatures over 300℃. The name Calcite comes from the latin for “chalk”. There are over 800 different growth forms of calcite. Most Honey Calcite comes out of Mexico.

– Associated with the Sacral, Solar Plexus & 3rd Eye chakras, zodiac sign of Cancer & vibrates to the number 3.

– Amplifies physical energy levels & psychic abilities.
– Releases feelings of deprivation and scarcity, so that one can manifest abundance.
– Balances out extreme emotions so that one can work through situations with a clear head.
– Enhances creativity and inspiration for artistic pursuits.
– Increases feelings of joy, happiness and satisfaction.
– Aids in understanding one’s dreams, dream recall and lucid dreaming.
– Promotes centering the self and helps to calm anger.
– Gives extra motivation for long-term projects.
– Helps with anxiety and depression.