Mangano Calcite Sphere


Looking for a crystal that can support your inner peace and promote self-love? Look no further than Mangano Calcite! This delightful pink crystal is known for its gentle, loving energy. This stone helps to dissolve old patterns and beliefs, in turn creating space for new experiences and relationships.
Mangano Calcite pairs wonderfully with meditation by helping you connect with your inner self. It’s also believed to enhance communication in relationships, making it ideal for deepening romantic bonds or speaking freely with friends and colleagues.
Mangano Calcite is also UV reactive and shines brilliantly under a blacklight! Whether you’re looking to add to your crystal collection, create a UV display, or choose a lovely gift with spiritual meaning, Mangano Calcite is sure to bring calm and serenity to any environment.

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– Associated with the heart chakra, zodiac signs of Libra & Cancer & vibrates to the numbers 1 & 55.
– Creates a clear path to learn universal love and compassion for self and others.
– Boosts self confidence and assuredness.
– A calming and peaceful stone of well-being.
– Promotes the healing of trauma from abuse, a breakup or a death.
– Clears stagnant or negative energy.
– Allows healers to form a strong heart bond with clients and is extremely helpful for long distance healers.

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Weight 106 g

Pink, White





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June 2023


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