The trade name for a swirled gray-green Serpentine bearing rock found in South Africa, India, Alaska & Nevada. The colors can include black, gray, green, lime green, peach and white. Infinite is a rock rather than a mineral. The white in the stone is made of Chrysotile, while the green is Serpentine.

– Associated with the lower 4 chakras, zodiac sign of Gemini & vibrates to the number 5.

– Heals the etheric body, relieving fatigue, depression, depletion where psychic vampires/entities have latched on.
– Raises vibration, activates kundalini, increases potency of energy healing.
– A stone of wealth and prosperity.
– Pulls emotional trauma to the surface where it can be healed.
– Healers’ stone. Use in healing spaces.
– Protection during difficult situations, around intense negativity, or EMFs.
– Soothes after loss, separation, grief, betrayal.
– Clear, calming, renewing energy.
– More confident & independent; less invested in external praise.
– Magnify by combining with Seraphinite.

Hardness: 3-4 Mohs