Macrocrystalline quartz (quartz whose geometric structure is visible) grows in layers, deep in the earth, under pressure and extreme heat over millions of years. Sometimes during the growth process, another mineral becomes included in 1 or more of the layers of the crystal. If the subsequent layers are relatively clear, the end result is a crystal with a ghost-like “phantom” of a smaller crystal point within the crystal point. Other included quartz is often referred to as Phantom Quartz, with included minerals in sprays, dots, stars, riticulate, blotches, mistings etc. in different colors, sizes, opacities and optical properties.

Associated with all chakras & zodiac signs depending on the inclusions & colors. Vibrates to the number 1.

– Strengthens our connection to others and all living beings.
– Aligns energy through the crown chakra, filtering divine wisdom from the etheric realm.
– When used in meditation it aids in the dissociation with the ego, quieting the mind and allowing the space for the witness to witness, unhindered.
– Facilitates the letting go of traumas.
– Emanates balancing energy and the ability to be more aware of your partner’s needs.
– Physically aids in headaches and eye pain incurred from working on a computer all day. Also helps alleviate fevers and high temperatures, cools hot tempers and physical burns.

Chemical Formula: SiO₂
Shape: terminated crystals
Crystal System: trigonal with hexagonal unit cell structure.
Color: colorless
Streak: colorless
Luster: vitreous
Diaphaneity: translucent, transparent, opaque
Hardness: 7 Mohs
Tenacity: brittle
Cleavage: none
Fracture: conchoidal
Specific Gravity: 2.6-2.7 g/cm³
Refractive Index:1.544-1.553