Rainbow Topaz has a stunning array of iridescent colors, setting it apart from other varieties of Topaz. This effect is created in a lab by coating colorless topaz with a thin layer of titanium. They do this in a vacuum, by a process called CVD (chemical vapors disposition). This process was developed around 1998. The thin coating of vaporized titanium that encases the topaz allows for a rainbow of colors to sparkle outward. Green and purple show the most, but all colors of the rainbow are present. Though the coating is permanent, it can be scratched, damaging the rainbow effect. Harsh abrasives must be avoided, and it is suggested that one cares for Rainbow Topaz as one would a pearl.

Associated with all chakras, zodiac signs of Scorpio & Sagittarius & vibrates to the numbers 7 (rainbow topaz) & 5 (mystic topaz).

– A tool to manifest one’s true love
– Promotes loyalty, trust, integrity and truthfulness.
– An ancient symbol of the sun, this stone gives bountiful energy to achieve goals and finish tasks.
– A stone for highly creative people, it enhances artistic ability and insight for dreamers.
– Very protective, can even be a “cloak of invisibility” in a crowd, if needed by the wearer.
– Physically beneficial for the metabolism and the endocrine system.