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Philosopher’s Stone


Limonite, known commonly as the Philosopher’s Stone, is one of the 3 main iron ores together with Hematite and Magnetite. This unassuming stone is also a pseudomorph of Pyrite, meaning it’s taken on appearance and growth characteristics of that mineral while actually being comprised of another!
Limonite, which is associated with the root chakra and zodiac signs of Taurus and Virgo, serves as a powerful stone of protection, especially for those in dangerous lines of work. This crystal enhances manifestation while also providing stability and comfort. It even strengthens character and resolve in extreme situations where we need them the most!
Don’t be fooled by this stone’s modest appearance; Limonite is a powerful protector! Order today and discover how its firmly rooted energy can help you to stand in your power!


White Desert, Farafra Oasis, New Valley Governorate, Egypt
– Associated with the root chakra, zodiac signs of Taurus & Virgo, & vibrates to the number 7
– A stone of protection. Wear when doing dangerous work.
– Stability, comfort, manifestation.
– Enhances one’s character, esp. under extreme conditions & helps one stand firm w/o needing to fight back.
– Improves intuition & telepathy.
– Restores youthfulness and facilitates inner-child healing.
– Helpful for improving strength & virility, blood disorders & jaundice.

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June 2023


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