The Love Box


The Love Box is all about Love. Love for oneself, love for others, love of life, love of love itself. One cannot love outwardly until one truly loves oneself. This box comes with a plethora of loving vibrations to facilitate opening the heart chakra and feeling the love! A Pink Amethyst geode cluster enhances feelings of connectedness, partnership and loyalty. A Carnelian palm stone for meditation to enhance passion, desire and sensuality. A Rose Quartz pendant for deep inner healing, self love and forgiveness & compassion. A Rhodochrosite bracelet for attracting a soulmate, or realizing you’ve already found them! A Palo Santo stick for smoke cleansing the home of negative energy, or for use in manifestation rituals. A Quartz perfume roller to fill with essential oil in a carrier oil. And a Selenite sphere with sphere stand to cleanse and charge one’s space with positive, loving energy.

– Pink Amethyst Geode cluster

– Carnelian palm stone

– Rose Quartz pendant

– Palo Santo stick

– Rhodochrosite bracelet

– Quartz perfume roller

– Selenite sphere w/ stand

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Pink, Red, White


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