Fluorite, Rainbow

Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride, of the Halide family & has a hardness of 4 on the Mohs scale.  The name comes from Latin, meaning “to flow”, because fluorite is used as a flux agent in smelting. First written about in 1530, in 1852 it gave its name to the term Fluorescence & later to the element Fluorine.  Many types of fluorite glow under ultraviolet light, & some also exhibit thermoluminescence. Pure fluorine is clear, but impurities give it many different colors. It is used as lenses in telescopes & microscopes, as the main component in hydrofluoric acid manufacture & lapidary uses. Dubbed “The most colorful mineral in the world” Fluorite comes in all colors including white, clear & black.  Rainbow Fluorite is usually a mix of purple and green, but can be any combination of colors.  It is found often in massive form and carved into shapes and for display and jewelry. 

– Associated with all chakras, zodiac signs of Scorpio & Virgo & vibrates to the number 8.

– Allows one to speak ideas & needs with confidence.

– Boosts self sufficiency, reminds one not to put personal happiness in the hands of others. 

– Reveal the truth of a relationship.

– Release suppressed emotions, facilitate life changes.

– Remove cords, shields psychic attack, calms the chaotic mind.

– Gently brings up pent up resentment & anger to be lovingly dealt with and transformed.

– Clears, dispels, cleanses, purifies, & reorganizes anything in the body not in perfect order; master organizer.

– Grounding, absorbs negative energy, cleanses aura/chakras.

– Anchors intuitive power & spiritual insights into the physical plane.

– Shields from psychic manipulation.

– Remove self-imposed blocks.


Chemical Formula: CaF₂

Crystal System: isometric, hexoctahedral

Habit: well-formed coarse sized crystals; also nodular, botryoidal, rarely columnar or fibrous; granular, massive

Color: colorless, purple, lilac, golden-yellow, green, blue, pink, brown. 

Streak: white

Luster: vitreous

Transparency: transparent

Hardness: 4 Mohs (defining mineral)

Cleavage: octahedral, perfect on {111}, parting on {011}

Fracture: subconchoidal to uneven

Specific Gravity: 3-3.25 g/cm³

Refractive Index: 1.434

Michelle Ferris

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