Petrified Wood Palm


Petrified Wood is a fossilized wood which forms when wood is buried underground. The wood is protected by oxygen and slowly fossilized when water flows through the ground and replaces the organic material with calcite and silica. Sometimes pyrite and quartz are found in petrified wood, even opal too. Useful for past-life explorations, Petrified Wood encourages survival instincts. It is great for grounding and connecting you with the natural world.

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– Useful for past-life explorations.
– Encourages survival instincts.
– Grounding.
– Connects you to the natural world.
– Mental longevity, stress relief.
– Helps ailments of skin, muscles, senility, arthritis & circulatory system.

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Weight 110 g

Palm Stone


Black, Brown, Red, White


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