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In the market for a deeply loving and spiritual stone? Meet Scolecite! This white hydrated calcium silicate mineral tends to grow in a striking needle spray formation, giving it a distinct visual quality that’s sure to catch your eye.
One of the 12 Synergy Stones, Scolecite is associated with the third eye and crown chakras and the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Due to its ability to inspire grand expressions of love for others this crystal makes a perfect gift for the people who are the most special to you. Scolecite is even said to facilitate astral travel and contact with extraterrestrials!
If you’re in the market for a crystal that can support inner peace and expressions of love while also tapping into mysterious interdimensional forces, give Scolecite a try!


– Associated with the third eye & crown chakras, zodiac sign of Capricorn & vibrates to the number 1.
– Inner peace & deep relaxation.
– Opens interdimensional spaces for contact w/ ETs & astral travel.
– Enhances heart chakra energies; good stones to pass between lovers.
– Spontaneous expression of love.
– Supports proper serotonin levels.
– Aids in expelling parasites from the body, healing of the intestines, eyes & lungs.
– One of the 12 Synergy Stones.

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Crown, Third Eye

Product Launch

June 2023


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