Aquamarine, the ever popular Pisces and March birthstone, is a gorgeous blue variety of Beryl. This crystal inspires courage in those who work with it and is particularly prized as a setting for jewelry.
Associated with the throat and third eye chakras and the zodiac sign of Pisces, Aquamarine reduces stress and eases the mind. This pale blue gemstone helps inspire tolerance for others and grants the power to speak your truth fully and with confidence. Aquamarine also supports those who feel overwhelmed by responsibility and encourages taking responsibility for oneself. With its potent combination of spiritual properties and timeless beauty, it’s no wonder Aquamarine is so beloved. Take a piece home today and experience its healing energy for yourself!

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– Associated with the throat and third eye chakras, the zodiac sign of Pisces and vibrates to the number 1.
– Stone of courage.
– Imagining the color of the stone in your mind can physically alter your perception of the air quality, improving it dramatically.
– Calming, reduces stress, eases the mind.
– Harmonizes its surroundings and protects against pollutants.
– Invokes the tolerance of others, overcoming judgmentalism.
– Gives support to those overwhelmed by responsibility and encourages taking responsibility for oneself.
– Breaks self-defeating patterns.
– Useful for closure on all levels.
– Clears blocked communication and promotes self-expression.
– Helpful in understanding underlying emotional states and interpreting how one feels.
– Sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance.
– Useful for sore throats, swollen glands, thyroid problems, and calms overreactions of the immune system and autoimmune diseases such as hay fever.
Learn more about the geological and metaphysical properties of Aquamarine here.

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Third Eye, Throat

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June 2023


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