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Crystals for Money and Abundance

Crystals for Money and Abundance

Most people who are at least passingly familiar with crystals know that they’re great for attracting love and healing. What you might not know, though, is that crystals are also great tools for manifesting money! Luckily there are just as many wonderful choices for attracting abundance as there are for attracting love. Here are a few of our top gemstone recommendations for bringing in more money!


Also commonly known as Fool’s Gold due to its similar appearance, Pyrite certainly looks the part of a stone for wealth! In addition to serving as a great money manifester, Pyrite also brings in energy, motivation, and willpower for the purpose of helping you to achieve your goals. By stimulating focus and determination it helps one realize their full potential. The creative power and drive that Pyrite inspires make it perfect for actively manifesting the abundance you desire as opposed to passively wishing for it. Get intentional with this stone and see what it can do!

Green Aventurine

This lucky gem also has a nickname: the Gambler’s Stone! With a reputation like that, it’s easy to guess that Green Aventurine attracts good fortune into the lives of those who work with it. Because this crystal is readily available and generally inexpensive, it makes a great choice for those who are learning how to work with manifestation practices. Green Aventurine has other useful properties as well, including bolstering the user’s sense of adventure, helping to maintain calm in new situations, and increasing one’s connection to the Earth and nature. If you’re seeking some joy and fun along your path to prosperity, you can’t go wrong with this stone!

Yellow Fluorite

All varieties of Fluorite are well-known as masterful organizers which serve to clear, dispel, and restore order to anything that might be out of place within one’s mind, body, and energy. Yellow Fluorite in particular is also said to attract wealth and abundance! By combining these properties, this crystal carves out a unique niche in manifestation practices. If you find yourself blocked from receiving the abundance you desire due to disorganized or chaotic forces within your life, Yellow Fluorite might be just the thing to help straighten your circumstances out and clear the way for new money to flow right in!

Honey Calcite

This lovely Calcite variety possesses a unique metaphysical property that makes it suitable as a manifestation crystal. Rather than directly enhancing the energy of luck and abundance, this crystal instead helps to release feelings of scarcity or deprivation. By overcoming energetic blockages that might be in the way of summoning the abundance you desire, it clears the way for fresh, positive energy to flow toward you. If you find yourself struggling with thoughts and feelings of not having enough or not deserving more, try working with Honey Calcite to help overcome those limiting mindsets!

These four gems are simply a sampling of stones that can help you bring more wealth and abundance into your life. Check out the list below for more suggestions including links to our Crystal Encyclopedia and online store where applicable. Happy manifesting!

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