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Welo Opal


Welo Opals are precious opals from the Wolo Province in Ethiopia. Many of these opals are considered fire opal due to their yellow, orange or red body color and intense display of color. Some rare specimens are reffered to as Honeycomb Welo Opals and have a pattern within the stone that looks just like a honeycomb. These are only found in Welo Opals. Associated with the Third Eye Chakra, zodiac signs of Libra and Cancer and vibrating to the number 9, Welo Opals can be used to enhance cosmic consciousness. Including psychic and mystical visions, Welo Opals can enhance feelings of self-worth to understand your full potential. These stones help one access and express true feelings and when properly programmed, they can make you unnoticeable or invisible which can be useful in dangerous places and for shamanic work in the underworld. Welo Opals can strengthen the will to live and are associated with lightness, spontaneity, love, passion, desire, eroticism, loyalty and faithfulness.

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Third Eye


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